principles and rules

  1. CSDay is free of charge (and we mean it)
  2. It is dedicated to all singles around the world
  3. You are invited to become an active part of CSDay
  4. CSDay is NOT a virtual world - it is real life
  5. Don't waste your time - start living
  6. Spread the word!
  1. Inform yourself early on about the suggested accessories or outfits
  2. Accessories/outfits: A. You own it, B. You buy it, C. You build it
  3. Make sure that you wear these accessories/this outfit on CSDay
  4. On CSDay watch out for other CSDay participants
  5. If you wish, approach them - politely
  6. If someone approaches you, talk to them
  7. You are the one responsible for what happens next
  8. If you wish, please share your story with us
principles & rules
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